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Tell us your story. What’s it all about?

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone’s story is valuable.

‘Tell us your story’ is a project that gives you a chance to chat and share some stories from your life. Take a look at some stories. It’s all about the listening and giving people permission to share. That’s the project really.

There is an option, with your permission, for us to share part of your story anonymously online. it could be encouraging to others to hear the ups and downs of someone else’s journey, and the insights and wisdom that pops out! You might even inspire some art!  Some people are wanting to share their story and use it as a signpost to support services they received that helped them when they were in need.

There’s no pressure to do anything beyond the chat though! 

It would be great to hear from you or from someone you know. Anyone, young or old, can get involved. 

How does ‘Tell us your story’ work?

Richard would meet you, probably over a nice chilled out cup of coffee, and might start things off by asking:

Where are you from? What’s your history? What events have shaped your life? What things do you like to do? What is encouraging or challenging at the moment? What does the future hold?

You’d be able to look over your written up story and make any amends you wanted before deciding whether you’re happy for us to share any of it.

star imageCan people’s stories inspire something?

Some of the stories have been used to inspire expressions (eg picture, poem or song).

Join in with some creativity

Plus there are opportunities for you to join in with some of these creations if you want to.
We’re also looking to start activities based on your ideas and interests too, run from The Old Chapel Cafe in Saltney Ferry.

Get involved by telling your story

Email with the form below if you want to have a chat or get involved, or pop into The Old Chapel Cafe, Saltney Ferry.

“It felt great to be able to talk about myself with just the aiming of getting to know me better. It refreshes, in my mind and heart, who I am and where I come from.”


People’s stories and the responses to them

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