Sarah’s story

Sarah the active champion

Someone really squeeing the best life she can from life!

Early on goes to Sandiway Petty Pool College studying catering and office retail then went to West Cheshire College doing Occupational Studies and finding independence for herself living in a student house in Ellesmere port.

Volunteers in the community cafe and helps set up and is co-chair of the Bread Making Co-op, ‘Bread Together’ (Supported by The Duke of Westminster). It operates in two venues in Chester and is a super friendly special space.  

An active spark, she takes up rowing on the river Dee in a 4 person team, goes swimming, the gym and cycling. 2009 wins a bronze and silver at the Special Olympics with Boccia and, in 2017, with Ten pin bowling.

2016 starts her Duke of Edinburgh award (involving camping and loads of walking amongst other things!) Visits Buckingham Palace in 2018 to receive her gold award and also squeezes in a trip to the crown jewels too.

Has travelled to Europe visiting France, Spain and Germany, some for more Special Olympics action!

Watch out for some bread making experimentation and I suspect some more medals in the future!


A champion person, bread making superstar, and a beacon of light.

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