E’s story

Resilience springs to mind from E’s story. An early life complicated by various health challenges hasn’t stopped her finding a way and making a success of her education, attaining fantastic dance grades and exploring making music.

After taking time out pre university she’s done a wonderful job of managing and organising a charity. Seeking to ‘make a difference, working for the common good with a team where everyone’s ideas are heard’. What’s not to like about that?

The future looks busy with looking forward to studying therapies, potentially working with children, seeking to finish her ballet grades and perhaps composing some music. A creative, capable achiever.

Some people just make you feel like the world is in good hands.

Creative response

Mindmap graphic

There is the world we all live in.
There is an arena where the roles I perform align with my core beliefs
There are activities I do that influence those things


world graphic

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