Raising money to use locally to encourage and do acts of kindness to build happier communities

We do acts of kindness

You might have seen our postcards we leave around when we’ve done a good thing.
Either giving time or a micro gift to someone who might appreciate a little support.
We even organise events to raise money too!
Come and join in and do a good thing

And encourage others to be kind

Inviting people to join us as kindness advocates.
Running challenges online and workshops to promote kindness in schools and hospitals and other organisations.
Organising community activities where local people can contribute, because giving someone a role can be just the gift they need.

Refer someone to us for a little kindness!

Do you know anyone who would benefit from a bit of practical support or a small gift to help them on their way?

Please support us

Loads of people have supported Acts over the years, through donations, sponsored runs and even having parties! If you’d like to support our work  please donate here!

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Tell us your story. Have you got a story to tell or know someone who has?

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Would you like to volunteer? Come and help behind the scenes

Would you like to become a kindness advocate? We'll show you how and supply you with everything you need to do some acts of kindness!

Want to help us continue bringing a little happiness into the world by supporting us financially?

Drop us a line, anytime and we'll be in touch