Andy’s story

Grows up with sister and family in Kent.

After A levels a ‘break free attitude’ takes him to Israel to the kibbutz working in a communal village as a bit of a break before University. 

Returns home to earn some money gardening and then travels to Asia. 

Bangkok through Thailand to Singapore and onto Sumatra. 

Returns to go to Salford Uni to study 3D design feeling quite rooted and settled.

Down South

Travels back down south for a job, working hard and a hectic lifestyle.

Things start to unbuckle a bit with two bouts of heavy flu leading to M.E or chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Eventually has to leave job.

From an immediate bed laden state this leads to 2 years of challenges with health.

Eventually starts some work again in a bike shop, building up to 4 hours a day, 4 days a week.

Marries and moves north.

Goes through the works wrestling with work life balance.

‘I’ve found we try to define ourselves in our society with an 8 hour days, 5 days a week ‘normality’ but that’s not for me. Therefore I found it useful to dip into sympathetic environments where I can come and go depending on my energy levels’. 

Currently working as he can, managing the challenges of his energy day by day, while being a dad to a wonderful family.

In conclusion an all-round good guy who you could only wish the best for, for the future.


I was once advised to ‘Look at the highs and lows of mental health, trim off the highs, pull through the lows, try to work in the steady, middle ground.

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Highs and lows

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