Coronavirus Support April 2020

Coronavirus Support April 2020

We wanted to say a massive thank you to all our supporters. We have been doing our best to spread kindness throughout this pandemic, and will continue to do so.

Since the start of April, Acts has carried out 25 one off acts of kindness spending just under £2000, and are shopping regularly for 9 people who are isolated, but can afford the cost.

Here are a couple of stories:

  • A gentleman diagnosed with prostate cancer who lost his home and partner at the of end last year, is on minimum wage and has been told to go off sick He has just got a HA flat but has no furniture.  We have funded a washing machine for him.
  • A food voucher for a lady who was ‘in between’ jobs and her new contract was cancelled.
  • A laptop for a lady who needed to do virtual counselling for her mental health, and to stay connected with friends.  She is now one of our amazing volunteers helping us with shopping.
  • A lady in hospital on chemotherapy struggling with self- image received a pamper box to cheer up her day.
  • Asda vouchers for a Romanian family who are unable to work, or access benefits with limited English.  She is now helping us to support other families.
  • Shopping for a gentleman who has zero white blood cells due to his cancer treatment that has been stopped.  He is too scared to even go for a blood test.
  • Plugs and multi head phone chargers for Arrowe park hospital so patients who are rushed into hospital can stay connected with their loved ones
  • Amazon vouchers for the winners of a ‘best window’ competition in Hawarden

Next Steps

  • Working with local foodbanks, churches and councils to ensure people who need food and have no money can access it
  • Recruit more volunteers to do shopping trips for people isolating
  • Keep fundraising so the money doesn’t run out

So Thank you and keep spreading kindness 😊

Thanks again for your time! 

Refer someone to us for a little kindness!

Do you know anyone who would benefit from a bit of practical support or a small gift to help them on their way?

Toni continues to work with Acts to help spread kindness to her patients

Toni continues to work with Acts to help spread kindness to her patients

“I have used the Acts service multiple times over the last 12 months for patients under the care of our team.

The patients who have received an act of kindness have been in the last months of life and have been at a very low time of their lives. I will forever remember the smile on a 26 year olds face who was able to share something as small as having a pamper session with her sister for one last time before she passed away. This act of kindness enabled family members to have happy memories in a time of darkness. I have been privileged to be able to deliver these acts of kindness to many patients and hope to deliver them to many more. An act of kindness really can improve someone’s day.”

Toni Arrow Park Hospital

It’s been an honour to work with Toni in giving her a way of doing a good thing and make a small difference to the people in her care.

Sonia Acts

We help decorate!

We help decorate!

Tracy’s story from North Wales

A very kind friend nominated me to ACTS during a time of devastation for my family. Complex issues in my relationship with my husband made him ill and over time he became abusive and had to leave the family home. None of us were coping very well at all and our once loving home became a house of bad memories.

ACTS became the bridge to gaining back some warmth in our lives. They offered to help me redecorate the bedroom that I had shared with my husband and had not slept in since he had left. With a little shuffle around it was now going to become my daughters new room, her excitement was contagious as we all slipped into designer mode. Having something else to focus on and look forward to was priceless. ACTS were very generous, they paid for all the decorating equipment such as wallpaper, paint brushes etc which I would not have been able to purchase myself alone.

I spent a lovely day with 2 of the ladies from ACTS. They were incredibly focused and hardworking but most of all friendly and warm. We sang and laughed as the room beautifully transformed.

ACTS brightened up the days during a time of darkness and I will never forget them. My children still talk about how kind you were to help us. They are growing up into very compassionate people, I think your kindness has rubbed off on them most of all.

Thank you from us all XXX

Tracy North Wales

letter from childrenWe treated them to a trip to the theatre and flip out. This lovely message was sent to us afterwards by the children.

Sonia Acts 

Evelyn receives surprise flowers!

Evelyn receives surprise flowers!

“I was fortunate to receive a lovely bunch of flowers from someone I know after a meeting we had together.  Sonia had brought 3 bunches of flowers to give out randomly at the end of the meeting and I was one of the lucky recipients!

It brought a smile to my face that lasted right the way through the week and it always stays in my mind.  I reflected on how these flowers made me feel – happy, appreciated, treasured and this has spurred me on to doing a little something for others whenever I can, this has resulted in buying a coffee for someone in the café as they routed around for change; carrying heavy bags for a neighbour; treating my work team to goodies to cheer them up and even just smiling at people in the corridor.”

Random acts of kindness makes everyone happier and hopefully the recipient carries on with nice gestures too.  Being kind is so important for us all and every time I see Sonia I let her know how much those flowers meant to me.

Evelyn Hospital Worker

Helping out at a wedding

Helping out at a wedding

Following cancer treatment, Andy wanted to marry his fiance.  ACTS funded a wedding breakfast at Gretna Green for them and their two young boys

“A gap in treatment gave us a now or never opportunity to get married. However, with an extremely tight budget we were overwhelmed by the charities offer to pay for our wedding meal and simply can’t thank them enough  for supporting us to make memories that will last forever.”


Fundraising for Peter’s Physiotherapy

Fundraising for Peter’s Physiotherapy

Fundraising for Peters Physiotherapy

Last night was a very humbling evening to support a very special family, but also to allow community to come together to celebrate LIFE and LOVE for one another. I am so proud of the amazing outpouring of love shown by all who came. Without community, life would be so much harder!

Thank you so much to you all who worked so hard to make this happen. You know who you are x

Kevin Swart, event organizer

Life changing

When my husband Peter had a stroke in October 2015 ACTS put on a wonderful dinner event for our friends and neighbours, raising some significant money for private therapy when NHS provision was inadequate for his need. They have since managed further gifts for Peters speech and physio therapy sessions. This has been life changing and we are so grateful for their commitment, faithfully working being the scenes – amazing kindness.

Deri, Peters wife