“I have used the Acts service multiple times over the last 12 months for patients under the care of our team.

The patients who have received an act of kindness have been in the last months of life and have been at a very low time of their lives. I will forever remember the smile on a 26 year olds face who was able to share something as small as having a pamper session with her sister for one last time before she passed away. This act of kindness enabled family members to have happy memories in a time of darkness. I have been privileged to be able to deliver these acts of kindness to many patients and hope to deliver them to many more. An act of kindness really can improve someone’s day.”

Toni Arrow Park Hospital

It’s been an honour to work with Toni in giving her a way of doing a good thing and make a small difference to the people in her care.

Sonia Acts

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