S’s story

Super S! Scouse and Irish background. So let’s have a laugh!

A childhood that included martial arts and the jitterbug… so don’t get in her way on the dance floor! Danced at the Ballroom at Blackpool tower! Loves a good coach trip with friends with happy memories of Llandudno and getting up to mischief!

She seems to have a great friendship with her mate ‘M’. A friendship that has endured its challenges but seems stronger for sticking with. Loves a good word search too.

Two words? Brave and funny.

The future

Maybe another trip to Llandudno, with friends obviously.

Creative response

A wordsearch obviously! Includes key words fro S’s story and others who’ve taken part! Pop into The OldChapel Cafe to have a go!


Fancy joining in?

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone’s story is valuable.

Share some stories from your life with a view to encouraging others by sharing the ups and downs of your journey, with opportunities to join in with some creative responses if you want to!

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