PJ’s story

PJ’s story is a story of variety. A variety of places, of reinvention and renewal.

Coventry to Rugby to Ipswich to Portmeirion and Chester. It’s about her roles working and being around children and animals, and supporting and caring for others.

It’s about the challenges of families and the stories that a life writes. It involves creating memories, and about how learning new skills connected with our passions can give us joy and fulfil our inner soulful needs, from scrabble to singing as a community of people. 

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What better future could there be enjoying simple pleasures with friends and a chance to get involved organising a good project! (as long as it doesn’t involve aeroplanes!)


‘I believe that communication is key to understanding each other and, for me, kindness is the most important thing in life.’

Creative response to PJ’s story

Portmeirion & a poem.

Portmeirion illustration
Portmeirion illustration detail
PJ poem

Fancy joining in?

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone’s story is valuable.

Share some stories from your life with a view to encouraging others by sharing the ups and downs of your journey, with opportunities to join in with some creative responses if you want to!

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