Paul’s story

Paul’s story is about finding yourself on the frontline of response to what would become a global pandemic.

It’s about stepping up from behind a desk to building hospitals in car parks, to not being able to hug your own children, to the dread of the invisible poison you’re bringing back to your own home, from having to strip on your own doorstep before entering, to fending off the local vipers trying to prove it's all a joke and an illusion. To seeing death, pain and suffering first hand, to being frozen and fearful and overwhelmed. No respite, little support, constant.

It’s also about how humans can step up in the most challenging circumstances, how a community can rally round and make what’s needed, it’s about the sacrifices people make in caring for others and the positive difference we can make when the rules are thrown out and we have to trust our gut and instinct to do the right thing, working dark to dark, in the valiant pursuit of saving others.


Paul hadn't realised how much was still unprocessed. It was good to talk.

Response to Paul's story

Dark to dark image and song

Dark to dark image

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