Maureen’s story

What a delight to chat to Maureen

A childhood between foster carers and care. After school took a nanny type role helping in a doctor’s home with their 4 children. Originally from Altrincham, she has lived in many places in the North West including Burton and around the wirral and settled in Chester.

Eventually left around 18 to move to Burton Manor to work at the college there. Moving from kitchen duties to serving  to helping in the residential areas.

Loved ballroom dancing in her earlier years, dancing with different people at different times.

Eventually moving to work in hospitals including Barrowmore, Chester City, Royal and The Countess. Had a great reputation for always getting 100% for her duties helping feed patients and cleaning the surgery areas!

A lovely chat was had with a person who seemed to value friendships and fun! Not a bad place to start! Apparently the name Maureen means ‘great’. Seems about right.

Hope for future


With a daughter with three grand children perhaps great grandchildren at some point!



Friendships are so important

Creative response

Seeing as the name Maureen means great in some cultures, how about a t-shirt to make a statement!

Maureen tshirt

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