Marks’ story

Amazing Mark.
Born in Rhos but discovering a need for his own independence, he married in 1996, and now lives in Chester. 

Struggles with his wife’s health insecurities didn’t stop them from living. Travelling to places such as Tenerife, Majorca and Lanzarotti. His faith giving him strength and resilience. After loosing his wife of 19 years, and losing further family members in recent times, has struggled with his mental health. 

Amazing Mark is still here, studying, and helping others with their own mental health challenges. Being a ‘fertiliser’ in people’s lives, helping them grow and flourish. 

Acting at Storyhouse, acting out a poem, going to The Spider Project, Studying the Bible, Helping with food bank deliveries, doing some art at St Peters. Doing wellbeing course and now helping on that course, setting motivational goals.

Amazing Mark.


Do not lean on your own understanding.


Feels a bit like fertiliser, trying to help people in life from the ground up.


To meet someone to share life with.

Creative response

Mark growth  egg
Mark growth  egg
Mark growth  egg

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