Mark’s story

Started life living on a farm but family have to give it up so has to move to a larger primary school, gets involved with the school gang life and discovers rock ‘n’ roll that ‘fills a bit of a hole’, then got into punk and the mods. Music that was about inclusion in a group.

After school finds a job gardening but in seeking more people ends up at a car manufacturer. Tough job, tough people, tough conditions and bullying.

Meets wife on a blind date.

Discovers stronger faith in 1997 ‘when it hit me!’ during a course. 

Dived deep into spiritual things appearing alongside others on stage show but then crashed, struggling with self worth, suffers breakdown and leaves job.

Difficult period of rebuilding.

Doesn’t understand why someone close isn’t healed.

Doesn’t feel like he fits into ‘church’ and desires more of a stripped back church approach. 

Discovers running and sharing faith with others. 

Just trying to relate to other people without any jargon.

With a punk attitude that helps him stand his ground, he’s not trying fix people but relate, and be the cog in the wheel of support. 

Listening, empathising, smiling.


We all make mistakes but are bound together like a beautiful necklace.

Creative response

Punk song ‘ (we fight, we fight) Twisting’ (rough demo)

We Fight (Twisted) Lyrics

Listen to the rough demo of ‘(We fight, we fight) Twisting’ 

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