Mariana’s story

Mariana’s story is one of travel and discovery from Chile the USA to the UK and beyond. 

It’s about marrying across cultures in Santiago after meeting her partner in London, and living at distance from family. It’s about what we miss when we leave our home.The spices and flavours, and the way Chilean people invite others into their homes to share food and live life, and the things we hold dear that we have to let go.

Tell us your story logoIt’s also about what we discover when we arrive in a new place. About bringing some of your culture with you and keeping it alive for your family, and having a need to create, express and connect, and the challenges of finding the way, and a space to do that.

As we reflected on her travels and adventures there was a realisation that she is at peace here in the UK with her family and her hopes and dreams for the future.


‘It felt great to be able to talk about my self with just the aiming of getting to know me better. It refreshes, in my mind and heart, who I am and where I come from’.


‘I will always give it a try or choose the new, the unknown, no matter how scary it would make me feel, above a quiet and steady world. I am not afraid of change (it actually lures me in).’

Creative response to Mariana’s story

Star of creativity and sharing in Chilean colours by Richard

Mariana star
Mariana star sketch

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