The gift

I’ve chatted to lots of people. We’ve reflected, paused, laughed and learnt. 

Some people have given to others in their life, and I suspect will continue to do so. While I was chatting to someone recently I was painting a stone. It had coloured concentric circles that seemed to represent the varied layers of life.

I wanted to give the stone to them but they suggested I give it to my wife. Typical of them to think of others.

Ended up wondering what I could give to them that they couldn’t give back to me. I’d given them some time and listened, but then they’d given me some time and listened to me.

You just can’t win with some people.

Some people are just a gift.


The simple act of meeting and talking with someone can reveal so much for everyone concerned.

Creative response

Image and painted stone. People can be such a gift.

people can be a gift

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