Tell us your story Chris

Tell us your story Chris

Chris’ story

Chris’ story for me is about an active person cycling, bowling, bread making, laughing, dancing and volunteering.

You might find him at a JLS or Take That concert, and the rumour is, the bloke’s got dance moves!

He’s someone who uses his own birthday to raise money for others, which just about sums him up. He certainly has a great outlook on life, even with the challenges he faces.

My life is all the better for meeting Chris.


Don’t get disheartened, there’s nothing we can’t do.



‘How lucky I am’, ’There are plenty worse off than me’

Creative response

Dance track: Hello, hello, hello, hello

Hello lyrics

Fancy joining in?

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone’s story is valuable.

Share some stories from your life with a view to encouraging others by sharing the ups and downs of your journey, with opportunities to join in with some creative responses if you want to!

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