Tell us your story D

Tell us your story D

D’s story

Just keep go, go, going! 

D’s story is one of a childhood out on the bike, playing football and getting back home late for tea.

Loved drawing, but art at school felt too restrictive. Encouraged by Nan and Mother to do what he wanted to with drawing, and do more, meant he began to believe in himself!

Continues with his own ideas through A levels with art, designing record sleeves, and ends up as a mature student at Uni in Birmingham. Focussed on ‘What I wanted to achieve not what society wanted me to do’.

Moved south to explore London and lands a job at big magazine after contacting 100 different publishers! The call of the countryside and better working hours eventually calls him to the North West.

A story of resilience and a relentless ability to keep taking the knock backs and keep going! Still marrying words and pictures together to tell stories through design.


Learning doesn’t have to be just exams but also life experience.

People skills and social skills are as important as ABC’s. As long as everyone’s armed with the basics: Spelling, being polite, being empathetic, you’ll be alright!



Be yourself, be nice, have faith in your own ability, listen to the lessons in your path, learn from your mistakes… and keep going!

Creative response

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Fancy joining in?

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone’s story is valuable.

Share some stories from your life with a view to encouraging others by sharing the ups and downs of your journey, with opportunities to join in with some creative responses if you want to!

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