Coronavirus Support April 2020

Coronavirus Support April 2020

We wanted to say a massive thank you to all our supporters. We have been doing our best to spread kindness throughout this pandemic, and will continue to do so.

Since the start of April, Acts has carried out 25 one off acts of kindness spending just under £2000, and are shopping regularly for 9 people who are isolated, but can afford the cost.

Here are a couple of stories:

  • A gentleman diagnosed with prostate cancer who lost his home and partner at the of end last year, is on minimum wage and has been told to go off sick He has just got a HA flat but has no furniture.  We have funded a washing machine for him.
  • A food voucher for a lady who was ‘in between’ jobs and her new contract was cancelled.
  • A laptop for a lady who needed to do virtual counselling for her mental health, and to stay connected with friends.  She is now one of our amazing volunteers helping us with shopping.
  • A lady in hospital on chemotherapy struggling with self- image received a pamper box to cheer up her day.
  • Asda vouchers for a Romanian family who are unable to work, or access benefits with limited English.  She is now helping us to support other families.
  • Shopping for a gentleman who has zero white blood cells due to his cancer treatment that has been stopped.  He is too scared to even go for a blood test.
  • Plugs and multi head phone chargers for Arrowe park hospital so patients who are rushed into hospital can stay connected with their loved ones
  • Amazon vouchers for the winners of a ‘best window’ competition in Hawarden

Next Steps

  • Working with local foodbanks, churches and councils to ensure people who need food and have no money can access it
  • Recruit more volunteers to do shopping trips for people isolating
  • Keep fundraising so the money doesn’t run out

So Thank you and keep spreading kindness 😊

Thanks again for your time! 

Refer someone to us for a little kindness!

Do you know anyone who would benefit from a bit of practical support or a small gift to help them on their way?